October 10, 2020

Spike in Bed

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Spike is now 4 months old and has spent as much time with us as he had spent with the breeders, his mother and his siblings. So has there been anything new to report?

He’s stopped sleeping

He has stopped sleeping through the night which is quite annoying as he has been doing that consistently for weeks now. I am not sure if this is due to his age as he has just turned 4 months old. He is certainly testing the waters once more so maybe he is now in his toddler stage.

I did cave in at 02:30 and let him sleep next to me in bed on the covers as I was too tired to sit next to him until he fell asleep. He mostly sits up in his bed barking whilst watching the door to see if we are going to go and check on him.

Spike not sleeping in his bed at night

In order to get him to stop barking we have to go and see him but getting him back to sleep can take half an hour. He often just stays in bed and starts to play with some toys or chew his teether but if you leave him doing that he starts to bark again.

This was the first time he has slept on our bed and we don’t want it to become a habit especially as he takes up even more space now he has grown so much. That plus the snoring is as bad or perhaps worse than me.

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