December 3, 2020

Tommee Tippee Bin

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Puppies, like babies make a lot of poop and your standard kitchen bin is not going to cut it when it comes to disposal. If you live in a flat like us then taking it out to the big bins every time is a long journey and just not an option. Even worse is that a flat is a small contained space and smells travel across a room very easily. So what can you do?

What did we find?

We found a bin called the Tommee Tippee Twist and Click which is a nappy bin and comes in a range of colours from the standard and cheaper white bin to the more extravagant and slightly more expensive green bin which is the one we went for.

The green was for no other reason than to match with the other items in our kitchen. There is also a blue bin and a pink bin available so you have up to four colours to chose from.

Tommee Tippee Bin With Lid Open

This bin is primarily sold for babies nappies but works just the same for puppy poop bags. The Twist and Click seals each bag deposited inside a second plastic bag which is sealed with a twist of the bag to separate each deposit and lock the odour away.

Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Instructions
Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Instructions

To setup your bin is very easy.

  • First open the lid to reveal the circular plastic ring.
  • Second pull the plastic up from the refill ring.
  • Third pass the plastic down through the bottom and tie a knot in the end large enough. I had to tie two knots so it was big enough.
  • Forth clip the knot underneath the plastic holder to keep it in place.
  • Fifth line up the top of the bin with the bottom so the lid open part is at the front and the container has the block at the back.
  • Sixth make sure the container lines up on the base.
  • Seventh push the top down until it clicks in place. Check the sides clip into the holes of the base container.
  • Eighth lift up the lid using the front finger gap to begin using your bin.
Tommee Tippee Top Down View
Tommee Tippee Bin Top Down View

Once setup it’s even easier to use. Just open the lid place the item in the middle and then grab the plastic knob seen at the 12 o clock position and pull it around in a clockwise direction until it is back to the start then close the lid and you are all done.

To empty it take off the top part of the bin by pressing the two clips on the side to remove the base. un clip the end with the knot that you put there when first setting up the bin.

With the other end you can drag the plastic lining from the refill ring to the other side where there is a scissors logo allowing you to safely cut the long chain of sealed bulges free.

You can now dispose of them and follow the setup instructions to prepare the next bag chain.


You need to make sure you get the right refills. The ones you need for the Tommee Tippee Twist and Click bin come in different numbers of rolls 3, 6, 12 and 18. They specifically say they are for the Twist and Click bins and NOT the Sangenic refills so make sure you check before you buy.

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