January 7, 2021

Spike Sleeping it Off

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Dry heaving was quite a worrying activity which started out of the blue. Spikes stomach would convulse and go through the motions of being sick but nothing would ever appear.

We searched online for possible causes which is never a good idea as you always expect the worst. Some articles were saying it could be his stomach and he needs to go to the vet immediately for an operation. Other articles said he might have swallowed something but couldn’t bring it back up.

Whilst this started out being twice during the day it happened another four times during the night keeping us awake to check he was ok and if he really did need to be rushed to the vet. We kept an eye on him overnight but were quite sure that it was not a life threatening condition.

Dry heaving eventual results
Regurgitated plant

Finally the next morning he did actually manage to throw up what looked like some sort of fibrous vegetation like leaves or roots from a plant. It could also be some sort of hair but we have no idea what it is or where it’s from.

How is Spike now?

The dry heaving has stopped so we are pretty sure he had been trying to throw up whatever that was. We are not sure why it took so long or so many attempts to finally bring it back up. Spike does eat literally anything he finds on the floor. Plastic wrappers, leaves, even mud so it is not a surprise he managed to eat something without us knowing.

It is scary when something happens to your puppy and you have no idea what is going on. Searching online can make you feel even worse. Spike never looked like he was distressed when he was dry heaving, more like he had something stuck but could not shift it. This was not the first thing that he has thrown up have a look at his first day with us.

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