October 19, 2020

Isa and Hugo

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We did a lot of research about French Bulldogs before we bought one. We watched many YouTube channels some with reasons to have a French Bulldog, some with reasons not to. One of our favourite channels is called Isa and Hugo.

We have watched them both grow up over the last year or so and they really are a part of the reason why we decided on French Bulldogs and to eventually get Spike.

Our Sincere Condolences

Hugo had recently had a heart operation which we believe was successful just a few months ago. Over the last few days however Hugo had taken a turn for the worse. We are not sure if it was related but he had lost his appetite and was very lethargic. He was taken to the vet several times and given some painkillers but so far we are not sure what the problem was.

Today we learned that Hugo has passed away. We do not have many details other than it has happened. We are not asking for any details and they have said they just can’t talk about it yet which is completely understandable.

We feel absolutely terrible for Isa and her pawrents. They have our sincere condolences and sympathy. Hugo was a lovely Frenchie and his videos with Isa are a joy to watch. He has been taken way too soon and will be greatly missed.

We can’t bare to think about the pain and hurt, not of losing a pet but losing a family member. If something were to happen to Spike we would likely be inconsolable. He is already a member of our family, sometimes naughty but always playful.

If you have not seen Isa and Hugo’s channel we really do recommend it. Watch and celebrate the life of Hugo. They really have some of the best Frenchie content on YouTube.

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