October 22, 2020


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Out of all the things we read when researching about French Bulldogs, there was one thing that never came up until another French Bulldog owner mentioned it to us in the park.

What was this surprising thing?

Very simply, Spike and his new friend Vinnie both seem to suffer from hiccups. That’s right, they seem to get hiccups when stand up, when they have finished eating, when they wake up from a nap on the sofa or after a bit of a run in the park. We had absolutely no idea about this at all as it is not really something you would search for unless it had already happened.

Causes of the Hiccups

Hiccups occur when your puppy tries to inhale while their windpipe is closed. They essentially get out of sync and the hiccups are the result. This usually happens when they are eating fast as French Bulldogs inhale and swallow air whilst they are devouring their meal. This is the most common cause of hiccups.

Next on the list is running around whilst playing. Despite the fact that French Bulldogs do not need much exercise they do like to play, a lot. This can lead to overtiredness and combined with their flat faces and short noses the result is once again hiccups.

One more cause can be overheating or hypothermia as both conditions can cause fast breathing.

How to Get rid of Them

One way to help them get over the hiccups is a gentle exercise. Rubbing their stomach and lying on their back can help to get past the hiccups. Spike mostly sleeps on his back anyway so this has helped on several occasions.

Reducing the amount of food your Frenchie eats in one portion can also help to reduce the chance of getting the hiccups. Puppies should have four meals a day until 6 months of age although Spike actually has been having three. This is how he was brought up with the breeder so we have continued with what he is used to.

As mentioned before, fast eating (which Spike does) can also be the cause so by using a slow feed bowl you can help their digestion and avoid the hiccups.

We did buy one of these bowls but he had trouble eating out of it when he was 8 weeks old. Spike got quite frustrated as his tongue was not long enough to get the food out. Now he is bigger and his tongue is longer he can get to the food more easily but it does slow his eating down.

Hopefully this will help you to understand why Frenchie’s get hiccups and how to help them get over them quickly.

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I'm Charles, a first time dog and French Bulldog owner but this site isn't about me. It's all about my brand new puppy called Spike. He is a Kennel Club registered pedigree French Bulldog. I intend to blog about Spike, his life and our journey learning about being a new dog owner.

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