August 31, 2020

Spikes First Day

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We really had no idea what to expect at all on our first day. One thing was for sure, Spike was to give us a surprise that we could have never predicted.

Puppies sleep a lot. In fact French Bulldog puppies are meant to sleep for 18 to 20 hours every single day. It really is a dogs life. Spike mostly slept on the sofa while I watched TV and sorted out my website that morning. Well he did until about a breakfast time.

First Breakfast

Spike was acting normal just laying on the sofa when he got up and started making some really weird noises. Whilst I have not had a puppy before, I have seen other dogs be sick and can remember what it sounds like and what it looks like as it happens.

I picked him up and put him on the floor near the bin to let him get on with it but what appeared was not what I was expecting at all.

The surprise, a collar he threw up that morning

Spike had been sick the night before which we thought was due to him rolling out of bed but now its looking more like his stomach was trying to get rid of the collar. We had been told by the breeder that one of the puppies had lost his collar and he had to get a new one but that was 11 days before we picked him up.

First thing I did was take a photo of it and send it to the breeder. He couldn’t believe it but did recognise the collar as the one that went missing. He asked if he was ok and to let him know how he gets on.

We did get four weeks free puppy insurance from the kennel club as he is KC registered. We did not need it or use it but it is a nice thing to have especially if something does happen in those first few weeks. The quote we got from the Kennel Club to continue the policy was quite expensive even with the reduced half rate for the first two months.

Here’s a tip if you wait longer they will send through a better offer with half price for the first 3 months instead of 2. We didn’t take that offer either but it’s interesting to see what you can get if you hold out to the last minute.

Is he OK?

He does appear to be fine all things considered. He has been a lot more bouncy and playful now he no longer has a collar in his stomach. One thing it shows is that he will eat literally anything. We will be keeping an eye on everything his head goes near just in case.

Rest of the Day

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, lots of sleeping, eating all his food in a matter of seconds and some playing with toys and running around. The days are much easier than the nights as he does not like to be left on his own at all. Even leaving the room for a few seconds and he will look around for you then start to get worried and eventually even bark.

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I'm Charles, a first time dog and French Bulldog owner but this site isn't about me. It's all about my brand new puppy called Spike. He is a Kennel Club registered pedigree French Bulldog. I intend to blog about Spike, his life and our journey learning about being a new dog owner.

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