January 27, 2021

French Bulldog Shedding

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When you start looking at getting a puppy, shedding is one of the things you need to think about. Whilst French Bulldogs are not the biggest shedders, Spike has just shed a significant amount of fur in the past week.

Winter Coat

Spikes winter coat came through about 2 to 3 months ago. A French Bulldogs winter coat can mostly be felt along the top of their back along their spine. His fur feels more coarse and it looks darker and a bit thicker but his sides are still quite soft to the touch.

Even with his winter coat we usually put him in a jumper when we go outside unless its above 10 degrees. He occasionally shivered in the wind when he was a bit younger so we have made sure he’s always warm enough when we go outside.

Let the shedding begin

Over the past week or so he has started shedding quite a bit. We went around to a friends house recently who also have a French bulldog. Spikes fur is blue and tan so it’s quite dark compared to their sandy coloured Frenchie. They also have light wood coloured floors and boy does it show Spikes fur quite well. There was quite a lot all spread out over the floor which was shocking as we have never seen so much fur on the floor.

Spike shedding his winter coat
Spike shedding fur

In the above image you can see some fur just below the centre that would soon appear on our sofa. It is a little odd that he is shedding his coat so soon as it is still quite cold outside. We even recently had some snow so why now?

We think that we had about a weeks worth of warm weather and his body has decided that winter is now over and unlike Game of Thrones, summer is coming.

Finding fur everywhere

As Spike sleeps on our bed we have noticed a lot of fur on the covers but we think this is part of his winter coat that is being lost. Until recently we have not noticed much fur left around the flat so didn’t think his shedding would be that bad. In conclusion, yes French Bulldogs do shed and at times it can be quite a lot.

Just before Christmas we did take him to the groomers and they did brush and thin out his coat a little bit but that mostly removed any loose fur. His back still had the coarse fur along his spine to keep him warm for winter.

We bought a brush

With all the fur that Spike has been shedding we decided to get a brush to try and collect it before it hits the floor. As you can see on the left, it really does collect a fair bit of fur.

It fills up three or four times before we stop brushing him. Then we give him a bit of a rub down outside to release any left over lose fur.

This brush has significantly reduced the amount of fur we find around the flat. We think this will naturally reduce after his fur coat has completed its shedding cycle.

You can find this Pet Shedding Tool on Amazon at a very good price.

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