September 29, 2020

Spike Eating

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I have said before that French Bulldogs have sensitive digestive systems but they can also be picky eaters too. When you feed your puppy you are meant to put the food down, let them eat it and when they are finished take it away. That is exactly what we have been doing.

When we first got Spike he would absolutely wolf down his food in seconds rather than minutes. We were not sure if he was just really hungry or if he was just worried he wouldn’t get any food for a while.

Recently he has started to get a bit bored with the food or just go off it. We don’t think he is ill as he is still bouncy and playful. He is still drinking water and will also eat treats and biscuits. So is it just the food?

We tried a new food

It doesn’t feel good when your puppy doesn’t want to eat the food you are giving him. It makes you wonder if there is something wrong or if he really has been a bit spoilt and wants human food rather than dog food. We may have spoiled him a little bit but have since reduced that considerably.

Symply Puppy Fuel from Pets Corner

We recently changed his food from Pedigree Jelly Pouches for Puppy to Symply Puppy Fuel which is another wet food but with a much higher meat content. We thought he would like this better but after a few weeks he started to give it a sniff and then walk away.

Symply Puppy Fuel – Wet Food

Pets Corner actually have a money back guarantee on their most trusted food brands which lasts up to 28 days from purchase.

I have to admit that it doesn’t look very appetising although I do prefer the consistency to the Pedigree Jelly which has a very strong aroma and terrible look. Not that I am the one eating it but I do have to smell it.

I absolutely could not eat the same meal three times a day for the rest of my life so it’s possible that going from 4 types of meat pouch to just one turkey meal is just boring. We are currently deciding what to do next.

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