January 3, 2021

6 Months Old

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Spike has turned 6 months old today. We have had Spike for just 4 of those months but it is hard to remember a time when he was not around. It’s not just the snoring of course or the toys left everywhere, the chewed coffee table or even the chewed through extension lead for the Christmas tree. It’s the little things like snuggling up next to us on the sofa, zooming round the flat like his little tail is on fire.

What have we learned?

6 months old and boy are French Bulldogs are needy. They want attention all the time and if he doesn’t get it he does something he knows we don’t like. He will eat the leaves of house plants, start to rip up and eat his puppy pads, steal slippers, steal and chew drinks coasters whilst looking you in the eye as if to say I know you don’t want me to do this so you will have to stop me.

Chase is his favourite game and he loves nothing more than grabbing something he shouldn’t have and running around the flat getting you to catch him and take it away. He will chase a ball but won’t pick it up or bring it back. He also loves sticks but if you throw one, he will chase it, then chew it to pieces.

Training at 6 months old

He has learned a few tricks but others seem to be a little bit out of reach. Sit, offer a paw are well learned but lay down, leave it and down are quite hit and miss still. I am not sure if he is stubborn or if I am no good at explaining what he needs to do to get the treat but he does seem to enjoy earning new things.

Over the next few months we will continue to try to work on the tricks he currently kind of knows and add a few more in to change it up a bit.


Spike is pretty well socialised and runs up to even the biggest dogs at the park to see if they want to play. He seems to have a little bit of trouble understanding that not all dogs want to play and if they bark at him to leave them alone, he continues to try and get them to play anyway. This is a little annoying but he is still young so may not yet understand that not every dog is a puppy and they don’t all want to play.

He also likes people a lot and will run up to anyone to get some attention. This is a bit of a problem as dogs are being stolen everyday and he would be an easy target.


Spike recently had his first grooming experience before Christmas which you can read about here. The main thing we know about Spike is trying to cut his nails is a real chore.

We can touch his paws and his nails without a problem but try and get anywhere near them with clippers or a nail grinder and the game is over. He struggles and barks and tries to bit or grab whatever is in your hands. We are still working on this although not sure what we can do yet.


He spends most of the day asleep and now he also spends most of the night asleep too. He however does not sleep in his bed, he sleeps on ours or on the sofa during the day. Occasionally he will sleep in his bed on the floor of the living room but not for long as he wants to be closer.

His first proper birthday will be 3rd July this year so we will do a much longer birthday post in 6 months time.

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I'm Charles, a first time dog and French Bulldog owner but this site isn't about me. It's all about my brand new puppy called Spike. He is a Kennel Club registered pedigree French Bulldog. I intend to blog about Spike, his life and our journey learning about being a new dog owner.

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