December 3, 2020

Contemplating the World With a Limp

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Spike likes to play, a lot, especially with other puppies he can run around with. Puppies are not meant to run around much as this can lead to arthritis when they are a bit older. However, have you ever tried to stop a puppy playing? So why has he started to limp?

What happened?

Spike had run around that afternoon and we usually go out for a little bit around 8PM ish for a walk and little run around with his doggy friend Lucy.

I had not noticed anything wrong with how he was walking after that but after having a nap on the sofa I put him on the ground so he could walk to get his dinner. This is when I noticed that he was not putting his weight on his front right paw as usual.

I thought he had slept on it funny and it might have been a bit numb when he woke up. After half an hour he was still not putting his full weight on it although his movement had improved.

It was way too late to call the vet so I decided to keep an eye on him and check the next morning.

The Limp Next Morning

Spike was still limping around and looked like he was a bit lop sided pointing to a possible issue with his shoulder. We booked an appointment with the vet but the earliest they could see him was at 16:20 that afternoon. We took the appointment and kept him inside, no running around and no jumping.

He was eating as normal, well normal for him which is very picky. He wasn’t complaining at all just walking around as best he could which is an example many others could benefit from. Keep calm, carry on.

At the vets

During the appointment the vet checked his paw and couldn’t find anything same as us. He then checked each part of his leg and the joints to see if there was any pain by seeing if he struggled to get a way when his legs were manipulated. He also tested his tendons and extended his leg from the shoulder to feel if anything there was unusual.

We let him limp across the room so that he could see how he carries himself. He said there was definitely something not right and we put him back on the table again for another examination.

The vet once again extended his leg from the shoulder and it popped just like our own joints sometimes make a popping sound. He said this may have been the issue. He gave us some anti-inflammation tablets to take for the next seven days. Spike needs to take a single tablet a day. Hopefully we can disguise them as it has been hard to get him to eat tablets in the past.

Weigh In

He also had another weigh in and he now clocks up as 8.8Kg at 5 months of old. His growth has been surprising as he is a picky eater and often choses not to eat what we give him.

We are going to try and get him to eat his dry food again. We had stopped for a bit because he is teething and has lost several teeth. The dry food can be a bit difficult to chew without teeth as it is crunchy.

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I'm Charles, a first time dog and French Bulldog owner but this site isn't about me. It's all about my brand new puppy called Spike. He is a Kennel Club registered pedigree French Bulldog. I intend to blog about Spike, his life and our journey learning about being a new dog owner.

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