September 24, 2020

Second Injections and First Grass

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As you are most likely aware, puppies have to have injections too. The first one has to have been given before you collect your puppy and is usually done between 6 and 8 weeks old. The 2nd can be done from two weeks after the first so from 10 weeks but before 12 weeks.

The Injections

Our vet suggested we do his vaccination at age 11 weeks. That would have been the Saturday but only time available was the Monday after. He is really quite good when we go to the vets. It might be that he is still quite young so he just lets whatever is going to happen play out as he cannot really do anything to stop it.

When can they go out?

The usual advice is to then wait two weeks before taking them out. In our case we had been socialising our puppy with other people from around 9 weeks old.

The advice we received from our vet was that we could take him out on Saturday the same week of his second injections. We were a little apprehensive about doing this but we also really wanted him to take him out for a little run on the grass. Up to now he has only been on hard floors before.

Second injections but first day outside on the grass
First Experience on Grass

We only have his collar and a lead as he is so tiny no harness looked small enough. We are also unsure how fast he will grow and do not want to buy something that will be useless in only a few weeks.

The Weigh In

We managed to get Spike on the scales to see how he is doing. At his initial health check with the vet he had his first weigh in which was 2.6Kg. This time the weigh in came at 3.98Kg that is an increase of approx. 1.4Kg in 3 weeks. So our delay in buying a harness may have been a good idea as he is piling on the pounds.

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