September 22, 2020

Spikes Favourite Toys

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There are so many toys available to choose for your new puppy but where do you even start? We knew puppies love to chew so we wanted to get him something that he could sink his gums into as he doesn’t really have many teeth showing yet.

We actually received a few toys in a puppy pack which was given to us by the breeder. In it was a tug of war type rope toy, a squeaky chew toy and a few other things. He pooped on the tug of war rope so we had to throw it out.

Green Spiky Squeaky Chew Toy

Plush Toys

We wanted to get something that would squeak or make a noise as those seem to grab his attention which is useful when at home.

Tiny Spike with his plush apple toy with squeaky caterpillar

The above is a plush apple toy with a squeaky caterpillar. There is a hole on the side of the apple that you can push the caterpillar in so it looks like it’s poking out the side. He adores this toy and it was certainly his first from us and his favourite.

As he started to get a bit bigger we took the caterpillar away as we were a bit worried he might swallow it as he did love to chew it. We bought it from Pets at Home but it no longer appears on their site. I did however see one in the store so they may still be available.

Spike has several other squeaky plush toys all bought from Pets at Home. He has a doughnut which was very cheap at £2, a burger which we got on sale at £1 but is usually £2 and the same for a hot dog with the same £1 deal but is now £2 once again.

Fast Food Toys for £2 Each

We will add more toys that we have bought as we buy them. We are particularly looking forward to buying him some toys for his first Christmas.

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