August 31, 2020

Spikes First Night Sleep

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We picked Spike up at around 1 PM on Sunday 30th August. We were given a few toys, a blanket with his mothers scent on it, some Pedigree food pouches and a load of paperwork for things we needed to change over, like his kennel club ownership and his microchip registration.

We put a blanket in a basket with a puppy pad on the top but the basket wasn’t quite big enough for him to lay down in. He was fairly quiet on the journey home probably wondering what was happening. It’s around a 70 minute drive home and so my wife sat in the back with him on her lap instead.

We forgot to take some food

We gave him a few treats to eat as that was all we really had with us as I had forgotten to take a bowl and a bottle of water with us, which was my fault as I had remembered the night before but we were a bit rushed that morning trying to remember everything.

Spikes First Day, 8 weeks old

We finally got home about an hour later. We put him on the ground in our living room and sat with him for a while as we got his bowl out and gave him some fresh water to drink. He was not very thirsty and didn’t really drink much that first day at all but we kept showing him where it was.

Spike sat on my lap on the floor

At this point we started to feel a bit guilty. We had essentially taken a little pup away from his mother, all he had known for the first 8 weeks of his life. I went to boarding school myself at age 11 and it brought back some feelings of how I felt at that time and how he must be feeling.

First Meal in his Forever Home

We gave him his first meal about 3 PM in his new bowl, in his new home. He had been eating Pedigree puppy pouches so that is what we have kept him on for now.

Our nearest pet shop is Pets at Home which stocks all sorts of food and where we bought the packs of puppy food. He gulped it all down making it look like his stomach was bulging. We thought he might have just been worried that he wouldn’t know when the next meal was coming, turns out that’s just how he eats, everything, as fast as he can.

We let him explore the living room / kitchen for several hours as we setup his bed and a puppy play pen that we had ordered from Amazon the week before. First thing he did was take a big poop on the rug.

Take note watch your puppy like a hawk for the first few hours even when setting things up. We decided on a playpen instead of a crate as the breeder said he had never used one and he had always had French Bulldogs.

Puppy Play Pen from Amazon

The playpen has a little door in it which allows your puppy to jump through so that you don’t have to keep unhooking the clips. We have actually stopped using the little door now as Spike has a line of missing hair on his back leg which we think was caused by catching himself on the metal at the bottom of the gap.

We still use the playpen but have stopped using the little puppy door. Amazon was the cheapest price for the playpen. It was less than half the cost of other places and you can find the one we bought here.

Night time

We had no idea what to expect that first night. We put Spike to bed in his massive bed, in the playpen, in the living room. We had read about keeping him near our bed, in a crate but we had no crate and thought we could get him used to staying in the living room from the start. It didn’t go to plan.

He was sick

Whilst we sat with him until he fell asleep he woke up shortly after and we could hear what sounded like eating. We knew he had no food so I went to check. He had been sick and was now eating it. I cleaned it up and we gave him a little bit of food as he was hungry after being sick.

So I stayed up with him and decided to keep him company until he fell asleep again. He wasn’t having it. He knew that if he went to sleep when he woke up he would be alone again. He was also used to sleeping with 6 other brothers and sisters and the warmth of their collected bodies.

The sofa calls

So what was I to do? Turns out I slept on the sofa with him lying on my stomach so that he would stop crying and go to sleep. OK that was not quite how it happened, there was not much sleeping for me, so I just lay on the sofa and let him sleep. This was to start a pattern of alternate sleeping on the sofa so that at least one of us got some sleep over the next few days.

How Spikes First Night Really Unfolded

So that is the beginning of Spikes story with us. If you are thinking about getting a French Bulldog, interested in what its like to get a puppy or just would like to follow along to see how Spike grows and develops we will be adding new posts as often as we can.

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