September 7, 2020

Spikes First trip to Coffee #1

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There is a lot of research about socialising your puppy from a young age but at the same time you are not meant to allow your puppy to come into contact with other dogs and where they have been until they are fully vaccinated. This is to stop them catching parvovirus which can be deadly to puppies. So how can you socialise your puppy and keep them safe?

Puppy Socialisation

It is necessary to socialise your puppy with as many different people and scenarios as possible so that they get used to them. The more they experience the more they will be able to take in their stride as they grow up.

With all that we have read, we knew how important it was to do this properly from a young age. The best time to start socialising your puppy is between 8 to 12 weeks, the very same time you are waiting to complete their second vaccination.

We waited a few days to a week after bringing him home (week 9) before we went out to our local coffee shop. It’s only a few hundred metres away from our flat so near enough to rush back if needed. We wanted Spike to be comfortable in his new home before we started changing his surroundings and potentially causing him any stress.

What happened at Coffee #1

We both went with Spike which made it easier to get a table and be able to order food and drinks. We kept him on his blanket that we bought from Pets at Home on the way to pick him up from the original owners. This was both to keep him warm and also to catch any mess if he had an accident.

As he is still quite young he seems to just go with the flow no matter if we go in the car for a road trip or to the vets. He just stays in our arms and takes it all in which does make things a lot easier for now.

We kept him on our laps the whole time and didn’t let him go on the floor or use the dog water bowls they have in store as they are a dog friendly chain. Spike got to hear all sorts of new sounds like the massive coffee machine, bean grinders and experience new smells as well as hear and meet many new people who think he is really cute.

Before I had Spike I would regularly go to Coffee #1 so this is a good place to get used to. It is really convenient to have a dog friendly coffee shop so close to home but not only that but we have a large green space which he will be able to run around in after his vaccinations are completed.

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I'm Charles, a first time dog and French Bulldog owner but this site isn't about me. It's all about my brand new puppy called Spike. He is a Kennel Club registered pedigree French Bulldog. I intend to blog about Spike, his life and our journey learning about being a new dog owner.

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