October 29, 2020

Wainwrights Dog Toys

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These are really great value toys. We started off with one which was the rabbit dog toy. He has pretty much loved this toy to death as he has chewed a bit of the hair out of it near the head. Its a squeaky toy which gets Spikes attention and he likes to chase it around either when you make it bounce around with your hand or if you throw it across the room he will run after it and fetch it. He doesn’t really give it back to you to throw again though.

Wainwright's Rabbit Dog Toy
Wainwright’s Rabbit Dog Toy next to Spikes Bed

The toys are very soft and nice to just snuggle up with. They are high quality and we got this for £7 or £8. In fact they are all around that price point and are well worth the money. Sometimes you can find them on offer.

The squirrel below actually has two squeakers in it. One is in the head and the other is in the tail so when he has one end in his mouth you can still squeak the other end. It also has something in the flat body that makes it crackle for a different sound.

Wainwright’s Squirrel Dog Toy

Spike also likes to chase this one around the kitchen. It’s a bit harder for him to carry as it’s quite long but he does manage to bring it back to you even if he doesn’t let it go. The final Wainwright Dog Toy we bought was the mallard duck shown below.

We have had this one a bit longer than the squirrel as you can see it looks a little worse for wear. This one also squeaks but like the rabbit just has one squeaker. The reason we bought this one was mainly for the rope part to replace the rope dog toy that he pooped on and we had to throw out.

He likes to play tug of war with this one but he tends to bite the wings or the head rather than the rope. This is probably because his mouth is still fairly small and it’s easier for him to grab the soft parts with his teeth.

As his teeth are now longer and sharper he did manage to split the green head part open on the top but we have managed to sew it back together again and it has held together since.

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