November 30, 2020

Minion Jacket

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If there is one thing we love to watch it’s the Despicable Me movies, the best part of course being the minions. They are by far the funniest part of the movies and as soon as they announced the Lego set we had ordered it. So what could be a better purchase for Spike than a bright yellow minion jacket?

Minions Jacket

As you can see it has a little hood but Spike has massive ears which is one of the features of a French Bulldog so for him this is purely decorative. The jacket really is a lovely bright yellow and has a minions face printed on the back. It’s available in a range of sizes of which this is the XL. Spike has grown a lot recently so I should have bought the largest size available which is XXL. We will probably buy the larger XXL size in another month or two when he will be more or less his full size.

Where can you get a jacket for your little minion?

We found this little minion jacket on a site called Pets Treat which offers more than just clothing. For us the minion jacket was an absolute must but they also have a few others like a Captain America shield in a lovely blue and a Hello Kitty jacket in pink. There is also a Christmas jumper section with a wide range of designs to choose from.

Their store doesn’t just have clothing, they also have toys, beds and accessories to chose from. The water bottle with built in bowl that dogs can drink from also looks like a great way to carry a drink for your dog without having to remember to take a bowl. We have lost a few bowls by forgetting them at several cafes so far.

On top of all that they also give a portion of money raised to charity to support Animal Rescue and Shelter organisations. This is one part of the reason we chose to buy from this store as we hate seeing abandoned puppies on YouTube and like to know our money is going to a good dog cause.

Voucher Code

Supporting a great cause is one thing but if you want another sweetener use the code LIFEOFSPIKEUK to get a 10% discount and it works on all of the items available not just the minions jacket.

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