September 29, 2020

Spike Puppy Food

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French Bulldogs have very sensitive digestive systems. Changing what they eat has to be done overtime and we were advised not to change their food until 12 weeks old. We were also told that what we were feeding him was not the best food so we felt a bit stuck in the middle so we asked our vet.

He suggested we switch to Royal Canin which is what we have heard recommended a lot both from friends with French Bulldogs and others.

What does he eat?

Right now we are feeding him the same food that the breeder has been feeding him. That is Pedigree Puppy Pouches and a bit of Pedigree Vital dry food to go with it three times a day. The nice thing about the pouches is that they come with four different flavours so each meal in a day has some variety.

Pedigree Jelly Pouches

Usually you feed a young puppy four times a day but the breeder had been feeding them three times a day so we decided to continue with what he was used to. He has one pouch and a few bits of dry food to go with it as shown below.

Pedigree Vital Dry Food, Chicken and Rice

We also bought some training treats which the vet said are good quality. They are by Lily’s Kitchen and are his absolute favourite. He likes these more than some other biscuits snacks we bought him. It might be that they are softer to eat and a bit chewy rather than crunchy which could be easier on his new teeth that are still coming through.

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken and White Fish Slices

He really does love these and will come running if you rustle the packet. We have been using these to house train him and also when he does a trick correctly like sitting or laying down.

Unfortunately these no longer seem to be available so when we went to buy more we had to buy something different. We have stuck to the Lily’s Kitchen brand and chosen the Duck and Venison pack as this is different to any other flavours he currently gets to eat.

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