November 20, 2020

Fifth Month Worming

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Well we ran out of worming tablets as the vet only gave us enough for two months which consisted of 1 tablet per month. We bought some new tablets at Pets at Home which I thought would be one tablet but the box actually had four in it. Depending on the weight of your puppy would change the number of tablets you need to give him.

Spike is now almost 8Kg so he had to eat all four tablets. You may remember that getting him to eat just one tablet was a bit of a pain just a few weeks ago. We finally managed to do it but that was one tablet not four.

This time we managed to get him to eat all four and it was so easy that we could not believe it actually worked. So what did we do this time?

The New Approach

Due to Spike being a bit picky with food we cooked some plain chicken and pulled it apart. He has stopped chewing food completely and started to chew a bit then just swallow it. I hid a tablet in a slightly pulled apart piece of chicken and gave it to him, He didn’t notice a thing.

I proceeded to give him the next three tablets hidden in pieces of pulled chicken and to my delight he ate every single one without any fuss at all.

With the tablets we bought he is meant to eat around a third of his usual portion and not eat much if anything for the rest of the day. This is to stop him throwing up the tablets.

We did feed him again later in the day as he was hungry but kept it to a smaller portion. We also didn’t let him run around as this does make him throw up on occasion especially after eating.

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